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    Collapse revisions in DM Studio


      I am working on development project in Documaker 11.4. During my unit testing, I am fixing so many bugs resulted in unnecessary increments of revisions of sections/forms. Before deploying the forms/sections to QA environment, I would like to collapse all the unnecessary revisions.

      For eg;

      Name Type Ver Rev
      TEST FAP 1 1
      TEST FAP 1 2
      TEST FAP 1 3

      Since my latest fap is TEST 1.3 with final changes, before I promote to QA I would like to use collapse revisions functionality so that I can promote TEST FAP 1.1 which will have my final changes.

      I heard there is a way to do it in DM Studio. Can any one have any idea on this? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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          Sure you can! When you're in DM Studio, and you have the promote dialog box open, you should see a check box for "Collapse revisions before promote". Simply check the box and do your promotion.

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            Additional to what Andy said, you can collapse the revision of the components and retain the revision you require by using the following approach.

            Make sure the desired rights are provided to the user.

            1. Open the Library
            2. Click on the component that needs the revision to be collapsed
            3. In the properties tab, we will have a collapse revision button(double headed arrow downwards)
            4. Highlight the row containing the revision you wish to keep, then click Collapse. The other revisions will be removed from the library and the revision you have highlighted will become revision 00001.