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    Method 'ShowPopup' requires a value for argument 'SWETA'.(SBL-UIF-00355)

      hi, i try to create a popup in a form applet. For this, i create a button with the ShowPopup method and i define the userprop showpopup with an applet (this applet is based on the CSSFramePopup clase)
      but siebel returns this error:
      Method 'ShowPopup' requires a value for argument 'SWETA'.(SBL-UIF-00355)

      i try to config the showpopup "Spell Checker Popup Applet" such as the bookshelf say, but is the same result.

      I searched and found finally one script:
      if (MethodName == "MyShowPopup")
      // invoke the ShowPopup applet method
      var psIn2 = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();
      var psOut2 = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();
      psIn2.SetProperty("SWEView","Order Entry - Line Items View (Sales)") ;
      psIn2.SetProperty("SWEApplet","Order Entry - Line Item List Applet (Sales)") ;
      psIn2.SetProperty("SWETA","Product Popup Applet");
      psIn2.SetProperty("SWEM","Edit List");
      psOut2 = this.InvokeMethod("ShowPopup",psIn2);
      return ("CancelOperation");

      but, again, the same error.... any ideas?