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    OSM 7.2 Patch Updates

      Hi all,

      Im trying to install OSM 7.2 and am at the very early stages in the Oracle Communications Order and Service Management Installation Guide. Have 2 questions regarding patches updates:

      1) Based on the guide, in the 'Downloading and Installing Oracle Database Patches', Ive downloaded all 5 of them and also installed OPatch but the patching was unsuccessful.

      a) Since its patches for the database, I attempted to do this in the database server, am I right? or do I have to do it in the application server?

      b) +"Ensure that you set the ORACLE_HOME environment variable to the Oracle home of the Oracle Database."+ When I 'cd $ORACLE_HOME', no path was returned

      c) +"Ensure that you set the PATH environment variable to include the location of the unzip executable, and the <ORACLE_HOME>/bin and the <ORACLE_HOME>/OPatch directories present in the Oracle home of the Oracle Database."+ As I could not get 'ORACLE_HOME' initially, all this PATH could not be set.

      d) +"Ensure that you verify the Oracle Inventory because OPatch accesses it to install the patches. To verify the inventory, run the following command. If the command displays some errors, then contact Oracle Support and resolve the issue.+
      +     $ opatch lsinventory"+ Again, nothing was returned.


      +1. Maintain a location for storing the contents of the patch ZIP file. In the rest of the document, this location (absolute path) is referred to as <PATCH_TOP_DIR>.+

      +2.     Extract the contents of the patch ZIP file to the location you created in Step (1). To do so, run the following command:+
      +     $ unzip -d <PATCH_TOP_DIR> p13566938_112030_Linux-x86-64.zip+

      +3.     Navigate to the <PATCH_TOP_DIR>/13566938 directory:+
      +     $ cd <PATCH_TOP_DIR>/13566938+

      +4.     Install the patch by running the following command:+
      +     $ opatch apply+

      I followed all these steps but upon 'opatch apply' it was unsuccessful.

      2) At the 'About Critical Patch Updates'

      OSM is supported on all Oracle Critical Patch Updates. You should install all Critical
      Patch Updates as soon as possible. To download Critical Patch updates, find out about
      security alerts, and enable email notifications about Critical Patch Updates, see the
      +"Security" topic on Oracle Technology Network.+

      Seems like a crucial step not to be missed but upon clicking the link and the 'Download' tab, Im lost.

      Appreciate all the help I can get. Cheers guy!

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          HI AA,

          It would be better if you can unzip the updates to OPatch folder in the DB installation directory [Ex: .$oracle/product/11.2.0/db_1/OPatch/12535346/]

          Execute the command in the following format [Ex: ./opatch apply $oracle/product/11.2.0/db_1/OPatch/12535346/] and it should work without any problem.

          BR, H