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    Access DC and JavaBeans from local HTML files

    Pascal B
      Hello. I've recently had the idea of checking out the possibility to use ADF's local html file capabilites. then I could use popular frameworks such as jquery mobile or angularJS & phonegap(by adf mobile) to build the view. Just wanted to see if it's possible thats all. However I don't really know if there's a way to access the java features offered by adf mobile? I love coding in java compared to JavaScript and it would give me the chance to use my favorite html5 frameworks together with java all wrapped up in a neat framework for security and data binding. Any ideas? It doesn't have to be as convenient as the drag n drop way of using a method binding through the binding layer but it would still be nice to access the beans and their values and methods. Maybe via EL?

      Thanks for any ideas and hints!
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          Joe Huang-Oracle
          Hi, Pascal, as we discussed in the email, you can access the Java layer from Local HTML via ADFMobileCotainerAPI javascript functions.

          There are some confusion currently as to which JavaScript file to include, but if you look for ADF Mobile Container APIs in the developer guide, you should be able to find out out to access Java code from local HTML features.


          Joe Huang