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    unable to discover agent in grid!


      We have Oracle 11g grid up and running. I was installing agent on the target servers using `agent push` method (using deployment wizard of grid). At the end of the installation I got an error "Install: failed" but when I navigated to HOME tab in the grid, I could see the new server. Great!!! Then I installed agent using same method on other server(i will call it X). Again install failed but this time server X did not appear in the discovered targets list. Both the servers i.e. grid and server X are in two different network(i guess). OS and db version on both the servers are same. Below is the ip address of both servers:
      grid :
      server X :

      Is this an issue? Any suggestions?

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          Hi Onkar,

          You didn't give the OS you are running.

          The ip-range difference should not be a problem. It could be the target server(s) did not meet all the prerequisites you can find in the Grid Control Basic Installation Guide table 4-1 "Prerequisites for Installing Oracle Management Agent Using Agent Deployment Wizard" and/or the target servers did not meet the Environment requirements as described in MOS note:
          Grid Control 11g: How to Install the Agent on OEL 5.3 (x86_64) Using the Push Method (Deployment from the Console) [ID 1271219.1]

          Since the installation failed you should check the logging. Without knowing what went wrong it is hard to find the solution.

          You may want to check the MOS notes:
          Performing a Agent Push install from GRID Control fails (Doc ID 1098704.1)
          OMS and Agent Patches required for setting up Provisioning, Patching and Cloning in 10.2 to 11.1 GC (Doc ID 427577.1)
          Agent push installation fails on 11g Grid Control (Doc ID 1186341.1)

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            Thanks Eric for the suggestions. I will go through the document suggested by you and depending on my findings, I will mark the thread appropriately.

            Thanks once again.

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              If "AGENT_BASE_DIR" is empty, that means the Agent push failed at the initial stage of copying the binaries from
              OMS host to Agent Host and so empty folder. Agent may need to be installed again using below document to install 11g Agent with Silent method.

              All the prerequisties must be checked carefully and make sure that the system satisfy all of them and then proceed with the installation.
              The prerequisite are listed :

              The silent installation may failed if "OMS_PORT set to the secure upload port (HTTPS) instead of unsecure upload port (HTTP)
              in the response file."
              To resolve the issue, kindly follow the below steps:

              [*] Change OMS_PORT to the unsecure (HTTP) upload port in the response file.
              This can be obtained from the output of :
              <OMS_HOME>/bin/emctl status oms -details
              [*] Keep all the parameters value with-in double quotes ("") except for Boolean values (True / False).
              For example:
              OMS_HOST="<OMS Host server name>"
              After installation, agent should be discovered in the grid if not then

              * From OMS machine [grid1.company.com] to Agent machine [machine1.company.com]:
              ping <full host where agent is installed ex. machine1.company.com>
              ping machine1
              ping <IP Address of machine1.company.com>
              nslookup <full host where agent is installed ex. machine1.company.com>
              nslookup machine1
              nslookup <IP Address of machine1.company.com>
              [+] From Agent machine [machine1.company.com] to OMS machine [grid1.company.com]:
              ping <full host name where OMS is installed ex: grid1.company.com>
              ping grid1
              ping <IP Address of grid1.company.com>
              nslookup grid1.company.com
              nslookup grid1
              nslookup <IP Address of grid1.company.com>
              telnet grid1.company.com 4889
              telnet grid1 4889
              telnet <IP Address of grid1.company.com> 4889
              If all the connection seems to be correct, then kindly make the changes in additional_agent.rsp file as:
              and then re-try the silent installation.

              It worked for me.