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    autoformat input date issue in  ADF

      Hi ,

      I am using JDEV studio version : for my ADF application.

      My query is .. that I have a inputdate in my jsff page which is getting autoformatted by its own .

      While entering the date .. if I enter the date in dd/mm/yy format, its getting autoformated .. as given pattern in the
      <af:convertDateTime pattern="dd/MM/yyyy" /> .
      but the problem is ... if i am entering the year less than 50 .. its is getting autoformatted as 20YY.. but anything above 50 .. its converted as 19YY
      its said .. that the period is set to default as 1950.

      On Oracle forum .. they mentioned a attribute " <two-digit-year-start> " of the trinadad config file ..through which I can increase the time span by giving it as 1900 but in this Jdev version, its giving me the error as the tag is not expected .. !!

      My requirement is that date should be autoformatted to the nearest date in the past .Please Let me know how can i do this.

      Or Otherwise How can I disable the autoformat ??

      Regards .