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    Layout order wrong

      P6 Professional 8.2 laptop Oracle.

      Carefully set up heirarchical EPS Activity code called "Location". My layout has one entry "Location". I expect it would display the "Location" headers in the same order they're in the Activity Code setup (Building 2 and its levels first, then Building 3 and its levels next.) It's displaying in almost reverse order! I can't quite figure out why! It's showing Building 3 first, then Building 2, etc. Must be simple, but I can't figure it out....

      Sort order is "Start", but everything starts on the same date.

      No resources, no man-loading. Just a simple project so far...
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          I kind of understand and kind of don't. Are you mixing and matching EPS codes and Activity codes? If so, remove the EPS/WBS from the grouping and only use the Activity Code. Don't sort alphabetically and make sure the activity codes are hard-coded in the order you want.
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            I'm not using WBS at all. I use only Activity codes. Mixing and matching, no. My grouping has exactly one activity code "Location". I had a project code called "Location" (mistake), but when I started having this problem, I deleted it so it wouldn't get in the way.

            My tasks may have multiple activity codes, in fact, most do, but I'm only grouping on exactly one now...

            The Location activity code is heirarchical -- Building 2 has sub-codes called "Building 2 Lvl 1", etc. They show up in exactly the right order on "Enterprise --> Activity Codes..." but sort in a seemingly random way when they are presented on the layout. Strangely, I have in frustration edited the activity codes (they are EPS codes, I promoted them...) and the layout will jump to the correct order, then, moments later, jump back to the consistently incorrect order. I feel like it's something I'm doing wrong, but I can't figure out what it is....

            I do assume the at the heirarchy I specify in the EPS code maintenance screen is the way they should be presented, right?
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              Here's the hierarchy as I copied and pasted it:

              Code Value     Description     Color
              Bldg2     Building 2     0000FF
              Bldg2.Roof     Building 2 Roof     0000FF
              Bldg2.2/B     Building 2 Basement     0000FF
              Bldg2.2/B.General     Building 2 Bsmt General     0000FF
              Bldg2.2/B.Zone A     Building 2 Bsmt Zone A     0000FF
              Bldg2.2/B.Zone B     Building 2 Bsmt Zone B     0000FF
              Bldg2.2/B.Zone C     Building 2 Bsmt Zone C     0000FF
              Bldg2.2/B.Zone D     Building 2 Bsmt Zone D     0000FF
              Bldg2.2/B.Zone E     Building 2 Bsmt Zone E     0000FF
              Bldg2.2/B.Zone F     Building 2 Bsmt Zone F     0000FF
              Bldg2.2/3     Building 2 Lvl 3     0000FF
              Bldg2.2/3.General     Building 2 Lvl 3 General     0000FF
              Bldg2.2/3.Zone A     Building 2 Lvl 3 Zone A     0000FF
              Bldg2.2/3.Zone B     Building 2 Lvl 3 Zone B     0000FF
              Bldg2.2/3.Zone C     Building 2 Lvl 3 Zone C     0000FF
              Bldg2.2/3.Zone D     Building 2 Lvl 3 Zone D     0000FF
              Bldg2.2/3.Zone E     Building 2 Lvl 3 Zone E     0000FF
              Bldg2.2/3.Zone F     Building 2 Lvl 3 Zone F     0000FF
              Bldg2.2/4     Building 2 Lvl 4     0000FF
              Bldg2.2/4.General     Building 2 Lvl 4 General     0000FF
              Bldg2.2/4.Zone A     Building 2 Lvl 4 Zone A     0000FF
              Bldg2.2/4.Zone B     Building 2 Lvl 4 Zone B     0000FF
              Bldg2.2/4.Zone C     Building 2 Lvl 4 Zone C     0000FF
              Bldg2.2/4.Zone D     Building 2 Lvl 4 Zone D     0000FF
              Bldg2.2/4.Zone E     Building 2 Lvl 4 Zone E     0000FF
              Bldg2.2/4.Zone F     Building 2 Lvl 4 Zone F     0000FF
              Bldg3     Building 3     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/B     Building 3 Basement     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/B.General     Building 3 Bsmt General     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/B.Zone A     Building 3 Bsmt Zone A     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/B.Zone B     Building 3 Bsmt Zone B     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/B.Zone C     Building 3 Bsmt Zone C     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/B.Zone D     Building 3 Bsmt Zone D     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/B.Zone E     Building 3 Bsmt Zone E     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/B.Zone F     Building 3 Bsmt Zone F     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/1     Building 3 Lvl 1     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/1.General     Building 3 Lvl 1 General     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/1.Zone A     Building 3 Lvl 1 Zone A     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/1.Zone B     Building 3 Lvl 1 Zone B     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/1.Zone C     Building 3 Lvl 1 Zone C     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/1.Zone D     Building 3 Lvl 1 Zone D     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/1.Zone E     Building 3 Lvl 1 Zone E     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/1.Zone F     Building 3 Lvl 1 Zone F     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/2     Building 3 Lvl 2     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/2.General     Building 3 Lvl 2 General     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/2.Zone A     Building 3 Lvl 2 Zone A     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/2.Zone B     Building 3 Lvl 2 Zone B     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/2.Zone C     Building 3 Lvl 2 Zone C     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/2.Zone D     Building 3 Lvl 2 Zone D     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/2.Zone E     Building 3 Lvl 2 Zone E     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/2.Zone F     Building 3 Lvl 2 Zone F     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/3     Building 3 Lvl 3     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/3.General     Building 3 Lvl 3 General     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/3.Zone A     Building 3 Lvl 3 Zone A     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/3.Zone B     Building 3 Lvl 3 Zone B     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/3.Zone C     Building 3 Lvl 3 Zone C     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/3.Zone D     Building 3 Lvl 3 Zone D     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/3.Zone E     Building 3 Lvl 3 Zone E     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/3.Zone F     Builiding 3 Lvl 3 Zone F     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/4     Building 3 Lvl 4     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/4.General     Building 3 Lvl 4 General Floor     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/4.Zone A     Building 3 Lvl 4 Zone A     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/4.Zone B     Builidng 3 Lvl 4 Zone B     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/4.Zone C     Builidng 3 Lvl 4 Zone C     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/4.Zone D     Building 3 Lvl 4 Zone D     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/4.Zone E     Building 3 Lvl 4 Zone E     0000FF
              Bldg3.3/4.Zone F     Building 3 Lvl 4 Zone F     0000FF
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                Thanks for the clarification. Everything you are doing and expecting is correct. I assume you're not (checking the box of) sorting bands alphabetically in the Group and Sort dialog box.

                P6 notoriously corrupts layouts. My only recommendation is create a new layout by starting with something like Classic WBS and see if your results improve.
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                  Sorry, I got hung up in Oracle's stellar customer service getting my account approved...

                  I figured out what's happening, though I couldn't tell you why. When I have the problem, I go to Enterprise->Activity Codes, select Location, and then check the filter. Invariably, it is filtered for "Codes in Current Project". I just change the filter to "All", and magically, the layout reverts to the proper sort sequence.

                  Did I miss something?
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                    Wow - that is really strange! Go into your Edit -> User Preferences -> Startup Filters and you can permanently change the filter and hopefully avoid this bug until it is fixed.