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    Difference w/ OCE and the OPN OCS status



      I came across the OCE and the OPN OCS status thing. May you clarify the meaning of these statuses for me and how they relate to a specific certification a candidate wants to write?

      2. In connection to the exam 1Z0-518....Does it mean that I will be given a certification on writing this exam and passing it or they are still yet further steps I should take after that for full certification status?

      thanks in advance!!!!

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          Matthew Morris
          1. From the Oracle Education site:

          The OPN Certified Specialist designation is layered on top of an OCA, OCP, OCE or OCS certification. So, any candidate can obtain the underlying OCA, OCP, OCE or OCS certification and individuals who are members of a partner organization will additionally receive the OPN Certified Specialist designation, provided they enter the correct OPN Company ID in the profile at www.pearsonvue.com/oracle.

          More info on OPN OCS here


          As for the OCE certification, I wrote an article that discusses OCA, OCP, OCM, and OCE certification levels:


          2. The 1Z0-518 exam is really intended for members of the Oracle Partner Network. From their own description, it sounds like the certification would be of limited use to people not in the OPN. Passing this test will make you an "Oracle E-Business Suite 12 Financial Management Certified Implementation Specialist: Oracle Receivables".
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            Hie thank you for your response, I seek more clarification, thanks for your links they are informative:

            1.So does it mean that for the exam 1Z0-518 , if you are not an OPN member, writing this exam will be a waste of time or does it mean that If I write it I have to get an internship or employment at a company that is an Oracle Partner according to this statement below. I quote

            : The project list includes a variety of Oracle products, of which many do not have a corresponding certification available today. These certifications are ideal if (1) you work for an Oracle partner (or will be applying soon),?

            2. So which certifications are available that do not require an OPN status in the financials category?

            In my case, I'm not employed in a company that is an oracle Partner neither do I have an OPN CREDENTIAL but I want to do oracle Financials by all means starting with 1Z0-518.. CAN YOU HELP ME WITH YOUR ADVICE IN THAT REGARD.

            Thank you!!
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              Matthew Morris
              1. The Oracle database and application suite is used by many thousands of companies around the world. For that reason alone, I wouldn't call any Oracle certification 'useless'. However, that does not necessarily mean that the certification will be useful to you as an individual. Let's say ten people get that OCS certification. Five of them later get a job working with Oracle Financials (in part because of the certification) and the other five do not. Is the certification useless? Certainly the five for which it didn't lead directly to a job would think so.

              Passing the test and gaining the certification (minus the OPN extension) will add some degree of credibility to your resume. My own areas of expertise are in Database Administration, Application Express, and PL/SQL. I know a bit about the other certifications because I live on this forum so much and do research to answer questions like yours. However, I don't know how prestigious this certification is to the Financials community. The one warning signal to me is the disclaimer from Oracle that I mentioned in my first post -- namely that while the certification is open to anyone, it was intended for people in the OPN.

              That said, what I always stress when I talk about certifications is that while having a fancy piece of paper to stick in a filing cabinet and an extra line to add to your resume is nice, the important part of IT certifications is the knowledge they represent. If the topics in that exam are about information that you think would be valuable to know in your intended career path, then studying for the test is valuable in and of itself. Getting the certification the exam represents is just a bonus.

              2. As I said, apps isn't really my area of expertise. I could look through the certification finder and list all of the certifications that mention the word Financials, but whether any of them make sense to you I couldn't say. Look through the certification finder on your own and investigate any of the hits that seem to match your desired career path.

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                Thank you so much Brother Morris,..

                I needed to hear that advice, my background is Finance and I want to specialize in ERPs specifically Oracle Financials. Pursuing Oracle Financials would solidify my professionalism. I think now I have obtained enough information regarding what I should know before I embark on my oracle studies. Thank you again. I feel motivated now to continue with my oracle endevour.

                Be blessed!!!!!