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    How and where do I obtain product related assistance?

      I am taking a Java Programming course through a local university. I have taken heed of the following statement

      "Use this forum for feedback about OTN programs, Web site content, and systems - _product-related questions *will be deleted*_."

      As a student I have no access to paid support so when I have difficulties with an Oracle product (Java in this case) where can/should I go for help?

      Thank you,

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          Matthew Morris
          If you back out one level on this forum, namely to here:


          You'll see a number of forums on Java. Pick the forum most closely associated with the question you want to ask . Search the forum to see if your question has already been asked and answered. If it is not, create a thread that clearly explains the question you have and if appropriate what you have tried so far. Be respectful when asking questions -- the people that answer questions are doing this for free and most would get paid significant amounts of money if this were being done on a consulting basis. When your question has been answered, mark the thread as answered. If members of the forum have provided useful or correct information, it is polite to mark their posts as 'helpful' or 'correct'. For each question, you can mark up to five posts as helpful and one as correct.
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