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    Upgrade 10.1.x 32bit to 10.2.x 64bit in Linux

      Dear gurus,

      Could you tell me how to upgrade/migrate Oracle 10.1.x 32bit into Oracle 10.2.x 64bit ? or share document related with my question, really appreciate.
      or are below steps correct ?
      I have 2 servers Linux, source is 32bit and target is 64bit.
      1) on 32bit server, clone 10.1.x into new oracle 10.2.x 32bit home then do upgrade
      2) clone oracle 10.2 32bit into Oracle 10.2.x 64bit(server 64bit) then,
      - do startup upgrade then,
      - run utlirp.sql

      is there any necessary steps that i missed ?


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