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    When set vocation rule . It stuck all the users’ notifications.

      Dear All,
      I am working on Workflow and the issue is When a person leaves for vacation he can set his vacation rules so that someone has to attend / approve his workflow notifications. But when we set vocation rules all notification goes into errors state and this error can resolve by refreshing/Retry this notification. And the error detail is mentioned below
      An Error occurred in the following Workflow.

      Item Type = CONCSPL
      Item Key = 086937-15990
      User Key =

      Error Name = 100
      Error Message = ORA-01403: no data found
      ORA-01403: no data found
      Error Stack =
      Wf_Engine_Util.Function_Call(cust_f_test.f_find_approver, CONCSPL, 086937-15990, 180198, RUN)

      Activity Id = 180198
      Activity Label = MAIN_PROCESS:FINDAPPR
      Result Code = #EXCEPTION
      Notification Id =
      Assigned User =
      Bottom line is all notifition should be successfully process and send to dedicated person.