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    New to BPM: How to get the tasks in the Workspace

      I am new to the BPM and following the book 'Getting_Started_with_Oracle_BPM_Suite_11gR1' and able to follow till the chapter 10.

      I deployed the SaleQuoteLab application to the soa_server and able to login to the BPM workspace. But I am not seeing any tasks (orders) in the workspace. I've loaded the data to my local db. How can I see the BPM tasks in the workspace.

      Please guide me to get the knowledge in BPM.

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          Ravi Jegga
          Hi Sree
          1. Welcome to BPM World.

          2. Before you run any Samples, I hope you ran something called demo community seed, to create test users and groups in your BPM Domain default Authenticator. Here is a post that has all the details. Basically to run any sample from Oracle, you need some set of sample Users and Groups. This is required for bpm samples also.

          Re: Realm is not populated for BPM app

          Hopefully once you deploy above EAR and run the Servlet, you should see list of all the users like jcooper, jstein, wfaulk etc. Now coming to your SalesQuoteDemo:

          1. Deploy your Workflow and the TaskForms. I guess you already did this.

          2. Now, make sure you configure the users to each Task for each SwimLane you define in the bpm process. You can do this from Jdeveloper or from EM Console. I would prefer some EM Console instead of JDeveloper.

          3. Typically for any BPM Process, we will have like Initiator, the person who makes the first initial request. This is the first SwimLane and mostly its like SalesRep. So you need to assign some users to this Role.

          4. After assigning users to each role, you login into bpm workspace with the first initiator user. See a link on left side. click on it and enter all details. Submit the Task It goes through approval process.

          Since you started just now, I would prefer to try with simple Hello World Sample like this. Its a very good start point. Keep reading your book and see if you can do this below sample. For now, skip and ignore the Business Rules step(s).

          Can some one help me with Oracle - BPMN Process Sample @ jdeveloper

          http://st-curriculum.oracle.com/obe/fmw/obpm/11g/r1/firstProcess/firstprocess_obpm11g.htm#top (BPM Sample)

          Ravi Jegga
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            Hi Ravi,
            Thanks for providing the info. I tried implementing the Hello World example. But when I deploy the application, I am not seeing the HelloWorld Application link in the BPM workspace.

            In the Deployment & testing section of the Helloworld example, it was mentioned as


            Instantiate the process by clicking the HelloWorldProcess v1.0 link under Applications in the Tasks tab on the left side of the window.

            Note: If the HelloWorldProcess v1.0 link does not appear in the Applications panel on the Tasks tab, click the Process Tracking tab. It should appear there. You can instantiate the process from that tab.

            But I am not seeing the HelloWorldProcess either in Tasks or in Process Tracking tab.

            My deployment logs:

            31:58 AM] Running dependency analysis...
            [11:31:58 AM] Building...
            [11:32:03 AM] Deploying profile...
            [11:32:04 AM] Wrote Archive Module to C:\BPMSamples\HelloWorld_OBE\HelloWorldProject\deploy\sca_HelloWorldProject_rev1.0.jar
            [11:32:04 AM] Running dependency analysis...
            [11:32:04 AM] Building...
            [11:32:20 AM] Deploying 2 profiles...
            [11:32:21 AM] Wrote Web Application Module to C:\BPMSamples\HelloWorld_OBE\HelloWorld_UI\deploy\HelloWorld_UI.war
            [11:32:21 AM] Wrote Enterprise Application Module to C:\BPMSamples\HelloWorld_OBE\deploy\HelloWorld_OBE.ear
            [11:32:22 AM] Deploying sca_HelloWorldProject_rev1.0.jar to partition "default" on server soa_server1 [http://localhost:8001]
            [11:32:22 AM] Processing sar=/C:/BPMSamples/HelloWorld_OBE/HelloWorldProject/deploy/sca_HelloWorldProject_rev1.0.jar
            [11:32:22 AM] Adding sar file - C:\BPMSamples\HelloWorld_OBE\HelloWorldProject\deploy\sca_HelloWorldProject_rev1.0.jar
            [11:32:22 AM] Preparing to send HTTP request for deployment
            [11:32:22 AM] Creating HTTP connection to host:localhost port:8001
            [11:32:22 AM] Sending internal deployment descriptor
            [11:32:22 AM] Sending archive - sca_HelloWorldProject_rev1.0.jar
            [11:32:41 AM] Received HTTP response from the server, response code=200
            [11:32:41 AM] Successfully deployed archive sca_HelloWorldProject_rev1.0.jar to partition "default" on server soa_server1 [http://localhost:8001]
            [11:32:43 AM] Retrieving existing application information
            [11:32:46 AM] Deploying Application...
            [11:32:53 AM] [Deployer:149191]Operation 'deploy' on application 'HelloWorld_OBE' is initializing on 'soa_server1'
            [11:32:55 AM] [Deployer:149192]Operation 'deploy' on application 'HelloWorld_OBE' is in progress on 'soa_server1'
            [11:33:06 AM] [Deployer:149194]Operation 'deploy' on application 'HelloWorld_OBE' has succeeded on 'soa_server1'
            [11:33:06 AM] Application Deployed Successfully.
            [11:33:06 AM] The following URL context root(s) were defined and can be used as a starting point to test your application:
            [11:33:06 AM] /workflow/HelloWorld_UI
            [11:33:06 AM] Elapsed time for deployment: 1 minute, 8 seconds
            [11:33:06 AM] ---- Deployment finished. ----

            I will look into the salesQuoteLab example later. Can you please let me know how can I see the HelloWorld process in BPM workspace?

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              Ravi Jegga
              Hi Sree
              Login into the EM Console and look at the SwimLane Roles you specified for the HelloWorld or SalesQuote Project. In EM, on left side, expand first node named "Application Deployments" -> OracleBPMProcessRolesApp -> Right click -> Security -> Application Roles. On right side window, click on green color arrow, this will list all the Roles you defined in each of the Process deployed on this server.

              Click on each role say the Initiator Role. See if any users or groups are assigned to this Role. If not, then click on this link. And in the new window, you can add Users/Groups to this Role. Just add Users by hitting + button and then click on browse and for users and try like jcooper etc.

              Basically you will see a link on LEFT side only if the Logged in User is in the Role of the Initiator like the first role who initiates the Task. If you login as weblogic you will not see the link, unless you add weblogic user to this role. Anyhow, the point is map the users to the roles and login with those users.

              Ravi Jegga
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                Hi Ravi,
                Thanks for the reply.

                My em console doesn't has any roles in the BPMProcessRoleApp application deployment. I added the application roles and users here. I didn't see any role with the name 'Initiator' in any of these roles. So, I created the role 'Initiator' and assigned the user 'jcooper' to it. I created this role both in the EM console and in the HelloWorld_OBE project.

                When I loginto the workspace with jcooper, still I am not seeing the application link in the Applications. I restarted my managed server also after adding the initiator role, but no luck.

                Can you let me know if I miss anything else?


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                  Patrick Harriss
                  Hi Sree,

                  Log into BPM Workspace with the weblogic user, then in the upper right click on Administration, then on the left side under Organization click on Roles. You should now see the name of your process with all of the roles that you defined in your process listed here. If you had left it at the defaults and your BPM applications deployed successfully you would have ProcessName.ProcessOwner and ProcessName.Role. Under the members column you can see the users/groups that have been granted access. Just for testing you could try adding JCooper to every role that is listed there but you really just need to add them to the role/swimlane that contains your initiator task that you want to kick off.

                  If there are no roles listed under the Admin-->Organization-->Roles section then your deployments did not work correctly. Please advise if you see any roles there.
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                    Hi Ravi,
                    I am seeing all the roles of the HelloWorld and SalesQuoteLab application and the user jcooper was assigned to them . But still not able to see the tasks in the workspace.

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                      Any update please?
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                        Patrick Harriss
                        Try putting the weblogic user into all those roles through the Admin section of BPM workspace. Then logoff BPM Workspace and log back in as weblogic and see if any applications show up.
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                          I tried keeping weblogic in all the roles...but no use.

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                            Patrick Harriss

                            Are you sure you selected the UI projects when you deployed the application? If you didn't deploy the UIs this could be why it doesn't show up in the workspace. If you go into Weblogic and then deployments, then expand the application that you deployed you should see the UIs listed under Modules.
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                              Yes. I deployed the UI project along with the BPM project. Still not getting the links in the workspace.

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                                I found the issue. My HelloWorld composite was not updated with the URI in the em console. I manually updated the URI for the HumanTasks. Now I am able to complete the process.

                                Goto em console ---> SOA ---> soa_infra(soa_server1) ---> Ur composite (in my case, HelloWorldUi ) ----> goto HumanTaks and click on the HumanTask. Update the ApplicationName with 'worklist', port= 8001, host=localhost, URI = /workflow/NewHelloWorldUi/faces/adf.task-flow?_id=SayHello_TaskFlow&_document=WEB-INF/SayHello_TaskFlow.xml

                                Thanks to all of you.
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                                  Sudipto Desmukh
                                  Nice ... same thing was mentioned in the post mentioned above. Please close the thread by marking it as answered.
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