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    Can't find new DAL Library in DM Studio

    Gregg M
      Hey folks,

      I have a few different projects that are all part of the same MRL. Up until now they've all used the default SETRCPTB DAL library for triggers. But I'm working on a new project, still in the same MRL, that I'm creating a new DAL library to hold this project's triggers in. However, when I'm working in the form, and decide to add a trigger to a section, when I click on the drop down box, all I get are the triggers from SETRCPTB, not my new library.

      I'm guessing I have something wrong in my FSIUSER INI file, but I can't seem to find/fix it. The only documentation I've found seems to point to the FormSetTrigger attribute in the CONFIG section, so I put my DAL library name there, but it didn't fix the problem.

      Can anybody tell me where to put my DAL library name so in DM Studio it pulls in the automatic triggers I've coded in that new library? Also, are there other places where I need to put it, or make sure I don't have a different value that could be overriding my desired value?

      Thanks in advance,

      In case it matters, I'm running 11.5 P04 DM Studio.
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          The only triggers that will be shown on a drop down menu are those within the SETRCPTB DAL file. It is not possible to expand the drop down list to include triggers from additional DAL library files.
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            You can add the following to your INI 'Config' section and string together your new DAL libraries:


            And in Studio, you will be able to see all these in the Scripts bar and you can drag and drop the individual triggers to your form or image.
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              Gregg M
              Hey Allan,

              I do in fact have a project, still within the same MRL, which also doesn't use the default SETRCPTB.dal triggers, and when I add a trigger to a section on a form in that project, the drop down list in the DAL Trigger Options window ONLY shows the triggers that were added to this alternate DAL library. I tried modeling my current project's INI settings after this project's settings, but I can't seem to get them to work. So while I won't explicitly say I think you're wrong in saying that only SETRCPTB's triggers will show up in that drop down list, I do seem to have an example that implies just that....I just can't replicate it...

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                Hi Gregg,

                Try to include your new dallibrary under below section in your ini.

                < DALLibraries >
                LIB = Library1.DAL
                LIB = dummy.DAL

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                  Gregg M

                  I did a line by line compare between the FSIUSER.ini that worked (gave me the non-"SETRCPTB" dal scripts in DM Studio in the Trigger options drop down list when attaching a trigger to a section on a form), and one I was working on that I couldn't get to work (give me the non-SETRCPTB dal library I wanted). The one line that came up different was that in the MASTERRESOURCE group, I was missing the attribute "FormsetTrigger". I am pasting an abbreviated version of my FSIUSER that gives gives me the DAL library I want (and ONLY the scripts in that library, not a combination of SETRCPTB and another library), in place of the default SETRCPTB (of that MRL), to choose from in DM Studio:

                  < CONFIGURATIONS >
                  CONFIG = GRPBILL
                  < CONFIG:GRPBILL >
                  FormsetTrigger = GRPBILL_SCRIPTS
                  < MasterResource >
                  FormsetTrigger = <CONFIG:GRPBILL> FormsetTrigger =

                  Thanks for your guys' attempt to help ;^)