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    Dead lock occured  in ebiz r12 and datbase

      Hi Peers ,

      Deadlock graph:
      ---------Blocker(s)-------- - --------Waiter(s)---------
      Resource Name process session holds waits process session holds waits
      TM-00001260-00000000 539 B X 36 A SS
      TM-00001260-00000000 36 A SS 539 B X
      session B DID 0001-021B-000015CA     session A: DID 0001-0024-0000174B
      session A: DID 0001-0024-0000174B     session B: DID 0001-021B-000015CA
      Rows waited on:
      Session A: obj - rowid = 000CB489 - AADLSJAAiAANTReAAA
      (dictionary objn - 832649, file - 34, block - 3486814, slot - 0)
      Session B: obj - rowid = 000CB489 - AADLSJAALAAIOqHAAA
      (dictionary objn - 832649, file - 11, block - 2157191, slot - 0)

      can you explain why it is a deadlock ??

      Thanks in advance.
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          As graph is not posted well. I am just giving that in note format.
          In blockers section:

          B waits on X
          A holds SS

          In waiters section:

          A waits on SS
          B waits on X.

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            Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
            It is hard to tell why this is happening in your environment as we are not aware of what processes (concurrent programs, concurrent requests, APIs, DML statements, ..etc) are running in your instance.

            Please see these docs, it should give you an idea on how to start troubleshooting this.

            Troubleshooting "ORA-00060 Deadlock Detected" Errors [ID 62365.1]
            Bitmap Indexes and Deadlocks: Deadlocks on DML's and DDL's [ID 171795.1]
            FAQ: Detecting and Resolving Locking Conflicts and Ora-00060 errors [ID 15476.1]
            Concurrent Processing - ORA-00060: Deadlock Detected - UPDATE FND_CONCURRENT_QUEUES [ID 866298.1]