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    Active Directory User Managmente connection error.

    Daniel Cermeño

      I have installed the Active Directory User Managmente connector. I've followed the Installation and configuration guide. But when I try to run the Active Directory Organization Lookup Recon the job status is failed.

      When I check the log in the Connector Server (Same machine on where AD is installed) I found the next error:

      <INFORMATION>: Class-> ActiveDirectoryUtils, Method -> GetDirectoryEntry, Message ->

      Creating Directory Entry with path: LDAP://connectorserver.sep.com.gt/DC=sep, DC=com, DC=gt, DirectoryAdminName = sep.com.gt\Administrator, DirectoryAdminPassword = **********, authtype = Secure*

      <INFORMATION>: Class-> ActiveDirectoryUtils, Method -> GetDirectoryEntry, Message -> Unable to connect to the Primary Domain Controller.

      <ERROR>: Class-> ActiveDirectoryUtils Method -> GetDirectoryEntry, Message -> Neither able to connect to Primary Domain Controller nor to any of Back up Domain Controllers.

      I think that maybe my IT resource configuration is wrong. But according to the guide It would ok. Then let me show you the IT Resourse configuration:

      Configuration Lookup      Lookup.Configuration.ActiveDirectory.Trusted
      Connector Server Name      Active Directory Connector Server
      Container      DC=sep, DC=com, DC=gt
      DirectoryAdminName      sep.com.gt\OIMuser
      DirectoryAdminPassword      **********
      DomainName      sep.com.gt
      IsADLDS      no
      LDAPHostName      connectorserver.sep.com.gt
      SyncDomainController      connectorserver.sep.com.gt
      UseSSL      no


      my AD domain is: sep.com.gt
      the OIMUser is: sep.com.gt\OIMUser --- is this setting ok?
      connectorserver.sep.com.gt ---- is the server where connector server and AD are installed.

      Any help is welcome.


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