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    Outputting a specific level of Content Parent

      I've taken a look at the Developer Guide and the Javadoc Reference but couldn't find an answer to my question.

      Is there a way to either:

      - Read Content Parent assets, but at a specific level (depth) only, in order to output them (e.g. in an HTML option list) or
      - When reading Content Parent Assets are you able to identify what level (depth) an item is, in order to only output a specific level

      E.g. if I have a 'Location' taxonomy of Region > Country > State and define this into a Content Parent structure of the same to create assets of: Asia Pacific > Australia > NSW.... how can I read the Content Parent assets and output a list of only Countries?

      Not sure on tag or API... but assume there is some way?

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          You will have to use filed copier in parents i.e. in countries and regions.
          parentRegion- this attribute will hold the name value of region parent
          parentCountry- this attribute will hold the name value of Country parent
          This way your asset will inherit the both the values for Region and countries and then you can search state on Countries which have the same region giving you the list you require.

          For e.g.

          NSW will have country as Australia and region as Asia Pacific.
          Now you will apply search state for all countries having attribute Region as Asia Pacific

          You can also refer FirstSite for this. They have used this for Navigation instead of Dropdown.