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    Upgrading 32 bit to 64bit

      Hi guys im confused a bit here.

      As i can see in order to do migration of mine 32 bit Oracle EE database (RHEL4) to another host in my case i need to:

      1. Install new home on another 64 bit RHEL5 host
      2. Then i need to run @$ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/utlirp.sql in order to recompile existing PL/SQL modules in the format required by the 64-bit Oracle Database
      3. And after that to execute utlrp.sql script which recompiles all PL/SQL modules that might be in an invalid state
      4. Finally i can upgrade to version 64 bit on new host server

      Everything that i have said is probably correct, but i don't how where to find installation of for 64 bit Linux? This is major problem because i need to install new 9i home and i do not have installation for this, i only have 32 bit version.

      Any advice?

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