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    Smart Script Player Applet (Player Only) Problem ...

      Hi all!

      We are trying to make our SmartScript opens automatically when a user navigates to a particular view. We followed the following steps:

      * Using Siebel tools:
      1) Create a new view.
      2) Add "Smart Script Player Applet (Player Only)" to it.
      3) Add the view to an existed screen and other needed steps.

      * Using Siebel web client:
      1) Associate the view with the Smartscript.

      When we tried to invoke it, we couldn't see the questions :S and when we pressed "Finish" a message appeared indicating that there are a required fields that must be answered before.

      Taking into considerations that when invoking the smartscript from the user interface it works correctly!

      Can anyone help us of how to recognize the error?

      Thanks in advance.

      Kind regards,

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          Andy -Oracle
          Hi Tamara,

          You seem to have followed the steps as per bookshelf:


          I guess you have added the new view to the user's responsibility etc?

          I sometimes add a list applet to the same view just to test that the view is working and renders correctly. This just rules out any SS player issues