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    wlst command listWebServices() does not show all web services in the domain

      Hi, I am trying to use wlst command listWebServices() to display all web services of a domain. It seems that it only displays the web services of enterprice applications (ear apps), but it does not show the web services of web applications (war apps). If I pass ear appliication name and one of its web module to listWebServices, it will show the web services that belong to the web module of this application. However if I pass war application name and its web module name to listWebServices, it will return "Unable to find the SOA Composite or Service. Oracle UCM Native Web Services", although I can see from wls admin console or em that this web application does have a couple of web services.

      I also tried to call listWebServicePolicies, again it returned "Unable to find any Web Services with the specified Application".

      My purpose of doing above is to use wlst to detach/attach web service policies for some web services. Since I cannot find the web services, I off course cannot detach/attach policies.

      Does anyone have any clue how to find web services using wlst command that belong to a war application, and then detach/attach policies ? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

      Jian Huang
      From Oracle fusion HCM