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    How does OATS load tester manage load across nodes in a cluster


      I am currently load testing my application in a WebLogic cluster (set up as a HTTP Proxy which acts as a load balancer) using OATS Load Test. My expectation was the load balancing is done by WebLogic Server. But to my observation, I see that the load requests sent from OATS are not distributed as per the load distribution algorithm configured in WebLogic. I had set up a two node cluster with a round robin mode, but suprisingly I see most of the requests routed to one single node and hardly any requests to the other node of the cluster. It appears as though OATS is controlling the work distribution completely bypassing the WebLogic load balancing algorithm. which does not sound logical. Am I missing anything here?

      Is there any explicit configuration to be done for testing against a WebLogic cluster?

      Any inputs/pointers are greatly appreciated.