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    Getting the Price details in demantra

      Hi all,

      Using demantra version 7.3.1
      In demantra data model I haven't configured my price details( from flat file),Besides I had done build model successfully.

      Now I have the requirement to show the series like Price ,revenue forecast etc in my worksheet ,So for that I guess we need to update the price in sales_data table field item_price!!!

      work around I had tried but not successful,
      1.Tried to get the data in biio_price staging table Updated my price in (i_price table ,against sales_date) still not able to get it in worksheets.

      2.tried integration interface getting the file file from csv file in local machine and selected the series price ,revenue in data profile import still the data is null.

      Please all suggest a work around that I need to get the price data in my worksheet/how to update the base table of demantra sales_data table item_price inorder to make my series work
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          In this case Import Data Profile apprach should work and could you please provide below information

          1.Are there any error records found in table biio_price_err ?
          2.What are the aggregation levels used in the Import Data Profile?
          3.What are the aggregation levels and filters used in the Worksheet where you are checking the Item Price ?

          Also please upload the screen shots of the Import profile.

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            Hi Sudeep,

            1.I had checked the err tables they were clean..
            Price_Overide is custom series developed by me to get the price data in,since the price base series is non editable so that I believe we cant bring the data successfully.
            2.item_group and location_hq(which is head quarters).

            3.When I import my data through list of series (in my case I am trying to use Price_override series) in work sheet for seeing the data but still no data is reflecting.

            fyi the export integration profile for data and level profile are working fine!!!

            Please do suggest me some options!!

            Moreover I have another client requirement( to calculate sales% contribution percentage) I am Having trouble to point summary of total sales inorder to construct my client exp (sales/total sales ) *100 gives the percentage,here I was not able to refer the total sales(summary)

            Is there any work around for this,I appreciate your response for this