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      Hi All, I am facing Error while using the MESSAGEFROMEXTR Rule:

      Studio :11.5

      Error Below:

      DM15064: Error in LoadDict: Unable to find Conditions under <DATADICT1> in the XDD <Symbol>.
      DM10378: Error: Unable to load data dictionary.
      DM10412: Error in MESSAGEFROMEXTR: Image<L0415> Field<ACSA> Record <> is not defined in the data dictionary.
      DM12051: Error in RPProcessOneField(): Unable to <MESSAGEFROMEXTR>(). Current Image is <L0415>.


      I have declared DATDICT1(Record dictionary table) is in the fsyis.ini under < DataDictionary > tag. Where Variables and Records are declared. ACSA is a field in the Record Dictinary table, Even i have given condtions table under < TABLES > tag in fsyis.ini .
      Is any thing to do with XDD ?

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