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  • 15. Re: Experience with connector for Google Apps?
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    This works for us:

    quota -> quota
    firstname -> firstname
    lastname -> lastname
    gaUserName -> userName

    In the identity template: $gaUserName

    We used accountId first but decided to use the emailaddress as google apps accountId, so we put firstname.lastname in gaUserName (after converting diacritics to 7-bits ascii).

    By the way, Oracle removed the GoogleApps connector in their latest patch, apparently it was added by mistake.

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    Hello Marijke,

    Thank you for the response.

    The problem I am seeing only occurs when I try to map the "userName" attribute.

    When I have a schema entry of
    firstname <-> firstname
    lastname <-> lastname
    quota <-> quota
    I am able to open a users attributes (accounts->edituser->attributes tab) and see the firstname,lastname and quota values.
    The accountId value is NOT showing up.

    I have also tried
    and the userName value is always blank.

    I also tried (accountId<->accountId) with no luck.

    I am beginning to think that "userName" is not the correct attribute to be referencing on the Google side.


    Does a value show up with a (userName<->userName) schema entry for anyone?
    Is there another Googleside attribute I should be referencing to pull the accountId?

    Thank you,

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    In my case gaUserName does show up in the attributes form:

    gaUserName <firstname.lastname>
    quoata 7168

    I don't see firstname and lastname attributes there because the are in the Identy form. I seem to remember the attributes form only shows the missing attributes, that may be why you don't see the accoutId.

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    Hi All,

    I am trying to add a new functionality to the existing google apps connector i.e hide the contact sharing. After searching some forums I came to know that we have to set a flag in user's profile:
    <gcontact:status indexed="true"/>( [|] ).
    I updated my resource schema to include the status attribute and tried to assign the resource to a user but getting the following error:
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Attribute status is not supported . Please let me know how should we add extra resource schema attribute other than attributes familyName, givenName, quota, nicknames, groups, groupName, groupDescription, groupPermissions which are defined in org.identityconnectors.googleapps.GoogleAppsConnector class.

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