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    GENDAW32 - Error

      Hi All,

      My GENDAW32 transaction is not writing any output batch file ; though the records are there in Nafile and Polfile.
      As Batch File is empty; our print command is not creating any pdf.

      Could you please help me in the rules that should be there in JDT file which we might be missing here.

      This is a sample from JDT file :

      <Base Form Set Rules>
      ;NoGenTrnTransactionProc;2;required to combine gentrn/gendata into single step;
      ;RunTriggers;2;requied for subform process - deferred for now;


      Please help.

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          If you are doing a single step processing then please try to include the below rule under <Base Form Set Rules> in afgjob and try

          ;PrintFormset;2;required to combine gendata/genprint into single step;

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            Though my intention was not to combine the two transactions into one; still I did as suggested.
            But still my batch file is coming empty.
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              An empty batch could be due to several reasons. Please clean up the Afgjob to have the Base Form Set Rules (in order) as specified in the Documaker rule book under "SINGLE-STEP PROCESSING".

              Link: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17552_01/rul_book.pdf

              Please try adding a form with "ALWAYS" trigger and have the recipients defined for the Form at the Forms list level under the "ALWAYS" trigger. Let me know your findings. If possible post details from the Error file on the exact error you see like "No forms for current transaction" or any thing else.

              Thank you.
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                And I think you are supposed to remove or comment out ;LoadRcpTbl;2;; AND ;RunSetRcpTbl;2;; if you are using the new *;RunTriggers;2;;* rule.