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    webcenter fronted with apache and OAM index page not working.

      Here is a nice one:

      I have webcenter fronted with apache.
      Now I want to redirect the root page to webcenter.
      So I have create an index.html with the redirect.
      Working fine. so far so good.

      No I have implemented Access manager.

      So the virtual hosts are working now with the following apache config:

      <VirtualHost *:80>
      ServerName http://webcenter.example.conf:80
      ServerAdmin you@your.address
      DirectoryIndex index.html

      <LocationMatch "/*">
      AuthType Oblix
      require valid-user

      # Spaces Application
      <Location /webcenter>
      WebLogicCluster ofmwcp01:8888,ofmwcp02:8888
      SetHandler weblogic-handler
      AuthType Oblix
      require valid-user


      Now my sso is working fine, but the redirect page is not working anymore.
      I have tried different access policies, different configurations, no luck so far.

      anyone a suggestion?