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    eaccmd "status" argument doesn't work

      Trying to climb the "Top User" ladder on the right.

      "eaccmd.sh localhost:<port> status --app <app-name>"
      <port> and <app-name> have the same values for when I use the "describe-app" argument

      "list-apps" and "describe-app" both work. When I try "status" I get this:
      ERROR: Unrecognized command: status

      The usage shows that this command as the exact same syntax as the "describe-app", which I am able to run.

      How do I open a bug?
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          Pravin Chikhale

          You missed the --host* and --comp* parameter in given command,
          Here --comp* specifies of which component you want to check status.

          It should be like
          *eaccmd.bat status host <host>:<port>  app <Application name> --comp <Component Name>*

          for example:
          *eaccmd.sh status host localhost:17000  app myAPP --comp Dgraph1*