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    Thinking to use Oracle Linux

      Hello friends,

      I am used to work on MS Windows. Without a doubt we get a better performance if we use DB and OS from Oracle.
      What are basics of Oracle Linux I have to know to be able to install Oracle DB 11g SEO on Oracle Linux ???
      Is it possible to install it with Oracle DB 11g on Virtual Box in Production environment ??
      ** My environment is Oracle 11g R2 SEO. APEX 4.1 , Glassfish 3.1.2

      Best Regards,
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          Starting from scratch? I'm afraid that's too much to ask and expect from a forum thread. Where do you need to start? Installing Oracle 11g Database Edition One is the same as installing any other oracle Oracle 11g Database edition. You start by reading the documentation, which covers the installation on Linux.

          In a nutshell:

          - Download the Linux OS installation DVD from Oracle edelivery cloud.
          - Boot the system from DVD or use the downloaded iso file in VirtualBox.
          - Setup yum.
          - Install "oracle-validated (OL5) or "oracle-rdbms-server-11gR2-preinstall" (OL6).
          - Install Oracle Database

          Your question about VirtualBox depends on your production environment, but generally no. Oracle provides Oracle VM for x86, which installs on bare metal machines to provide virtualization (type 1) and supports production systems. For evaluation and testing, VB is great and does the job quite well, providing a lot of useful options.
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            Oracle linux is a great improvement to any server but I higly recomend you learn the basic terminal commands first before installing the OS be sure to install the newest ver though

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