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    ADF Tree pass parameters from root node

      I have an ADF RichTree, and when the user selects a node (with a chekbox component), it refreshes the tree and send some values from Root node to lower nodes.

      The View of the Root node has a parameter:
      select 'ROOT' as nodo_id, 0 as nivel, 'ROOT' as nombre, 'ROOT' as tipo_nodo, 0 as id, null as datos_nodo, 1 as tiene_hijos, *:p_Valor* as Valor_Marcado
      from dual

      The children nodes have to perform an operation with the value of "Valor_Marcado" field from parent.

      I have tried to get it with Groovy language:


      But when I test with Application Module test, I get alway a null value.

      Any idea about, how to propagate the value from root to children nodes ?.


      I am working with 11g, Jdeveloper