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    question for bc4j.properties when deploying in WLS

      Hi all,

      When deploying the EAR file in WLS, there is a bc4j.properties file dropped in a folder in server, say, 'applib'. How can I make this file be reachable for the EAR file?

      I am reading form this url: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E15586_01/web.1111/b31974/bcampool.htm#sm0301 and in "41.2.5 What You May Need to Know About Configuration Property Scopes", it list this:

      Properties loaded from following sources, in order:
      1. Client environment [Provided programmatically
                             or declaratively in bc4j.xcfg]
      2. Applet tags
      3. -D flags (appear in System.properties)
      4. bc4j.properties file (*in current directory*)
      5. /oracle/jbo/BC4J.properties resource
      6. /oracle/jbo/commom.jboserver.properties resource
      7. /oracle/jbo/common.Diagnostic.properties resource
      8. System defined default

      Which current folder it refers to in 4): in current directory? Is it the "WEB-INF/classes" folder in the WAR? If so, does that mean the "bc4j.properties" file has to be packed into the "WEB-INF\class" folder instead of put in a folder called "applib" and this "applib" is set with classpath?


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