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    HugePages - ASM Instance

      Hi everyone, i have a doubt about HugePage, we have enabled Huge Pages on our server Linux Red Hat 5 of 64 bits. My doubt is because the documentation says that i can't use memory_target so my databases are with pga_aggregate_target and sga_target but my instance ASM is with memory_target and it works normal. I have IG + DB version
      So i want to ask if i can have the instance ASM in memory_target with a Huge Pages configured in Linux without problem?

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          Huge pages and AMM are mutually exclusive, but it does not mean you cannot run one database using AMM and another one using Huge pages or standard shared memory on the same computer. If you set pga_aggregate_target and sga_target parameters in an Instance that is configured for AMM, these values set the minimum values. The ASM instance requires AMM.
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            I suggest pelase review:

            HugePages on Oracle Linux 64-bit [ID 361468.1]
            Shell Script to Calculate Values Recommended Linux HugePages / HugeTLB Configuration [ID 401749.1]
            ASMM and LINUX x86-64 Hugepages Support [ID 1134002.1]