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    Dashboard Prompts - Presentation Variable not getting refreshed.


      I have a dashboard variable prompt with radio buttons enabled which is used to for the selection of time frames, for example, Current Year and Previous Year ahd have defaulted to "Current Year".

      I have the Analysis created in such a way that the query is run by the BI server based on the repository variable, which I have created in order to fetch the current year and previous year, which is 2012 and 2011 in the filters in Analysis.

      I also have introduced a dummy column in the Analysis in order to distinguish and apply the Current Year and Previous Year as selected by the user and as appears in the presentation variable in order to run the right query based on the user selection to fetch the Current Year or the Previous Year data.

      The Analysis contains 4 Chart views with Default Hierarchial drill enabled on 2 charts and dashboard page navigation enabled on 2 other charts. When the main report loads initially, right numbers are reported, but when the user tries to click on the chart where navigation to the dashboard page which contains the main report is clicked, the "Current Year" filter disappears and it fetches the Previous Year data.

      Can you please suggest any work arounds for the same.