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    oepe(Juno) deploy JAX-RPC

      Have a strange issue deploying from oepe(Eclipse-Juno) a simple WebService with JAX-RPC prog. model.
      Greatly appreciated if someone could relate or if there is a clear example.

      First, my understanding is that from OEPE itself with recent versions like Juno, there is no command to generate JAX-RPC. The default is JAX-WS with no alternative! (I am talking about WebLogic WS->Generate Web Service from wsdl)

      As a result i generated the ant script running JAXWS and in resulted wsdlc task i changed the type from JAXWS to JAXRPC.
      All went fairly well, produced a jar file with compiled wsdl arifacts, which i placed in WEB-INF/lib.
      There was a minor "glitch" for portName, which was different from default. If specified only in @WLHttpTransport the default name is assumed at deploy, which fails. I needed to duplicate portName in @WebService.

      With this minor change i can deploy(right-click and Add to Server) access wsdl and test client... However when an operation is invoked from test client the wrapper parameter has all values null!

      I guess main question is: from OEPE could we deploy and run JAX-RPC... I saw an elaborate example based on ant file which specifies JAX-RPC option in a couple of places, but my intention was to run all from eclipse same as JAX-WS runs...