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    GeoRaptor 3.2.1 Released for SQL Developer 3.x

    Simon Greener

      After 6 months of development and testing, GeoRaptor 3.2.1 has been released for SQL Developer 3.x (tested on 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2). This release no longer supports SQL Developer 1.x or 2.x releases due to internal changes to the SQL Developer APIs.

      GeoRaptor can be downloaded from the GeoRaptor project's sourceforge page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/georaptor and installed via Help>Check for Updates>Install from Local File. Installation via SQL Developer's update mechanism should be available soon.

      The release notes for this release are:
      * Fixed issues with validate geometry functionality in particular the update dialog box.
      * Revamped "About GeoRaptor" form. Includes clickable URLs, links to mailing lists, version number listing, thanks to testers etc.
      * Placed "About GeoRaptor" icon on GeoRaptor's map toolbar.
      * SQL Developer NLS settings accessed: improvements in the display and entry and numeric data.
        -- Tolerances in Spatial Layer properties will display with the NLS decimal separator eg 0,05. 
           Some parts of GeoRaptor such as Validation that show and accept numbers have not been changed from when someone else modified the code. 
           If you double click on the left MBR/right MBR icon in the map at the bottom, the current centre position will display according to the NLS settings. 
           Editing the value to jump the map to that point works even with grouping separators and decimal separators being commas!
      * Spatial Layer Draw has been modified to use NLS based decimal formatting.
      * New geometry marking/labelling options have been added. In particular you can now label the vertices of a linestring/polygon with the following additional elements:
        -- Cumulative length
        -- Measure (M)
        -- Z value
        -- Labelling of vertices with <id>{X,Y} now also honours 3/4D geometries. If geometry has XYY then it will be labelled as {X,Y,Z} etc.
      * You can also label each vector/segment of a linestring/polygon with:
        -- Length
        -- Cumulative Length
        -- Bearing (approximate for geodetic/geographic data)
        -- Distance (approximate for geodetic/geographic data)
        -- Bearing and Distance (approximate for geodetic/geographic data)
      * The font properties of the mark text can be changed independently of the feature label. This includes the offset and label position (CC, LL, UR etc).
      * New feature labelling options have been provided: 
        -- First/middle/last vertex, 
        -- Any supplied sdo_point within a line/polygon's sdo_geometry object, or 
        -- Calculated by GeoRaptor on the client side using Java Topology Suite.
      * Result sets now have the ability to:
        -- Copy to clipboard all geometries across many rows and columns.
        -- Display one or more (selected) geometries in a popup image window. This functionality is also available in the result set generated by an Identify command.
      * New GeoRaptor Preferences:
        -- Width and height in pixels of the new popup image window (displaying one or more geometry objects) can be set;
        -- Colours of orphan, missing and correct metadata entries for Metadata Manager;
        -- Prefixing with MDSYS for all currently supported spatial objects - sdo_geometry, sdo_point, sdo_elem_info, sdo_ordinates, sdo_dim_info - has been made an option.
        -- There is now a new property called "Show Number Grouping Separator" in Tools>GeoRaptor>Visualisation. 
           If it is ticked a number will be formatted with the thousands separator in Tools>Database>NLS eg 10000.000 will display as 10,000.000. 
      * Sdo_Geometry display of all spaces in text between elements of the sdo_geometry array have been removed. 
         This was done mainly to compact the sdo_geometry strings so that they are as small as possible when displaying or copying to clipboard.
      * Help pages added to the following dialogs with more to follow:
        -- Metadata Manager, 
        -- Shapefile Importer and 
        -- Layer Properties dialogs. 
      * GeoRaptor menu entries renamed. New "Manage All Metadata" entry added to View>GeoRaptor menu.
      * Spatial Index creation dialog now supports additional index parameters and parallel build settings.
      * Metadata Manager overhauled:
        a. Shows:
           1. Metadata entries which have no underlying oracle object (orphan)
           2. Metadata entries for existing underlying objects (existing case)
           3. Database objects with sdo_geometry for which no metadata entry exists (new)
        b. All orphan/existing/missing colours for (a) can be set via Preferences>GeoRaptor>Visualisation
        c. All actions for main (bottom) metadata table are in a single right mouse click menu. 
           Some entries will only appear if a single row is selection (metadata copy), others (delete and copy to clipboard) will appear for one or more.
        d. Can now switch between open connections to modify metadata of other objects in schemas other than the starting object.
        e. Buttons revamped.
      * Tab/Shapefile export:
        a. Export now supports NULL valued columns. Can be exported as an empty string (if DBase override in GeoRaptor Preferences is ticked) or 
           as a predefined value eg NULL date => 1900-01-01 (set in new GeoRatptor Import/Export Preferences).
        b. Some work attempted on export of NLS strings (still not corrected).
        c. Objects with no rows now correctly processed.
      * Shapefile Import
        -- Bug relating to Linux file names corrected.
      * Fixed issue (identified by John O'Toole) with spatial index underlying a view not being used in map display.
      * Reinstated sdo_nn as the principal method for Identify (requested by John O'Toole).
      * Fixed problem with handling single click zoom in and out in GeoRaptor map etc.
      * Fixed problem with rendering lines from database item (identified by Vladimir Pek).
      The new "About GeoRaptor" should be read by all people installing GeoRaptor.

      Please, please consider registering your email address with our private email list so that we can get a feel for the sorts of people downloading and installing GeoRaptor.

      Please consider helping us with documentation or the internationalisation via translating properties files from English to your native language.

      GeoRaptor is written and maintained by people who use SQL Developer and Spatial every day but we don't pretend we know everything that users want: please let us know via our feature request page at SourceForge.

      We don't get paid for what we do so are always looking for additional help.

      Here are some of the requests we have had for improvements:
      1. MySQL access
      2. WMS access;
      3. Ability to import shapefile data into an existing table;
      4. Ability to processing multiple shapefiles into separate tables (current version can import one or more into a single target table);
      5. Ability to export/import layer definitions to give to others;
      6. Support for non-English character sets for varchar exports to shapefiles.
      Some are relatively simply, some require a lot of engineering work. For the latter, we are considering alternative funding methods to the currently completely free development approach.

      Thanks to the following for their invaluable assistance:
      Holger Labe, Germany
      John O'Toole, Ireland
      Vladimir Pek, Czech Republic
      Pieter Minnaar, Holland
      Olaf Iseeger, Germany
      Sandro Costa, Brazil; 
      Marco Giana, Australia.
      Simon Greener
      Principal GeoRaptor Developer

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