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    PGP encryption and decryption in soa suite


      We have a requriement where bpel process plays the role of encrypting a file using PGP encryption and then it has to be placed onto a SFTP server using an FTP adapter. We would like to know if this can be done using an owsm policy or a seperate java api has to be created for this and invoked in the bpel process. Currently we have a seperate 3rd party tool which does this pgp encryption and it uses ksh shell script. Is there a way where i can invoke this shell script into my bpel process?

      I found this note (FAQ (Customization) [ID 105127.1]) in oracle metalink.

      How does one run a shell script as a concurrent program?
      1: Write the script and call it .prog
      Place the script under the bin directory under your applications
      top directory.
      For example, call the script CUSTOM.prog and place it under
      2: Make a symbolic link from your script to $FND_TOP/bin/fndcpesr
      For example, if the script is called CUSTOM.prog use this:
      ln -s $FND_TOP/bin/fndcpesr CUSTOM
      This link should be named the same as the script without the .prog
      It should be in the same directory as the script.
      3: Register a concurrent program as described above, using an execution
      method of 'Host'
      Use the name of your script without the .prog extension as the name
      of the executable
      For the example above, you would use CUSTOM
      4: The script will be passed at least 4 parameters, in $1 through $4
      These will be: orauser/pwd, userid, username, request_id
      Any other parameters you define will be passed in $5 and higher.
      Make sure the script returns an exit status.

      But i am ignorant in this area and do not know how the above steps can be executed.

      If any of you guys have done pgp encryption in soa, please do let me know if there's any way how i can couple pgp encryption into soa suite.