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    11XE on W2k8R2 (64bit)


      Just wanted to know if 11XE (R2,32bit) will install and work correctly on Windows Server 2008 R2 x64?

      Also, I would like to install either the Oracle 11g Client and/or ODP.NET(x86 and x64) on the same machine, would this work? I cannot find any documentation regarding this and so far I am having some issues. At this point in time I have 11XE and ODP.Net (both x86) on this x64 machine under separate Oracle_homes and I cannot connect to the XE database from either SQLPlus client installed with the respective Oracle_Home..

      A related question is: Can I use a 32bit client to connect to a 64bit server? I apologise if this is already answered somewhere, but again I have not been able to find definintive documentation on this


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          Its certified with

          System architecture ■ Intel (x86)

          Operating system One of the following Microsoft Windows operating systems:
          ■ Microsoft Windows XP Professional
          ■ Microsoft Windows Server 2003 - all editions
          ■ Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 - all editions
          ■ Microsoft Windows Server 2008 - Standard,
          Enterprise, Datacenter, Web, and Foundation
          editions. The Server Core option is not supported.
          ■ Microsoft Windows 7 - Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions

          For details:

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