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    Gathering Buffer information

      Hi All,

      I'm writing a monitoring tool that should run in the background and gather information about the amount of messages sent and received, number of buffers used and available, quota's etc.
      I know all this info is presented by DMQ$MONITOR, but it must run unattended and process the data collected (with a low performance impact!)

      Most of the data is available, but I can't find a way to check how many of the small, medium and large buffers are still available. The executable DMQ$LLS_VERIFY.EXE takes care of this, and I tried to use that from MSG.OLB, but is has an own transfer address :-/

      Does anybody know how I can collect this data? Only thing I can think of now is, call DMQ$LLS_VERIFY using LIB$SPAWN for every snapshot, but that would have too much impact on the performance.

      We're using DMQ v5.0-23/RP27 on Alpha OpenVMS.
      Any help is appreciated,
      Thanks in advance,
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          Hi Oscar,

          I understand your request roughly, but unfortunately, OMQ does not expose any way (includes API ) to customer to access its global section directly. OMQ provides several utility tools (you have listed) to monitor these information, it seems that they can not meet your demand. If necessary, I think you can try to file enhancement request via Oracle support.