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    How to migrate a owb mapping from one project to another ?

      Hi Experts,

      I have the following situation

      OWB Version :

      Our development unified repository contains two projects, OWB_A and OWB_B. We are actively using only OWB_A project and not all using OWB_B. Our customer wanted to implememt a new data flow in projetc OWB_A. The effort required for developing the corresponding OWB objects from scratch will be high which our customer is not ready to accept. We found that similar flow is already present in projeect OWB_B and we are trying to copy the mapping and the corresponding objects in to the the project OWB_A.

      Could anybody enlighten me on how to migrate mappings and the dependent objects across the Projects within the same Unified repository?

      Sorry if my question is so naive. Appreciate your help on this