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    Implementation of type-ahead functionality in Endeca JSP Ref application

      Hi all,

      I am trying to implement the type-ahead functionality in Endeca jsp reference application which Oracle is shipping with it's products. The type-ahead functionality is not present by default. Can anyone help me to implement the same thing or provide sample code/strategy to achieve the desired results ?

      Basically typeahead functionality is present in Endeca Information's quick start's search box (EID) but not it JSP reference application .

      Waiting for the replies...

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          John P
          I am sailiing on the same boat. I had book marked a previous URL and looking for this sample? can some one help me with a sample .xq?

          Type ahead + ASP.NET MVC Type Architecture.

          These are my trying out so far.

          My app config has this.

          I do not have the syntax for the .xq

          Please help.
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            gose - oracle
            Type-ahead functionality can mean different things and be implemented in different ways. It is usually based on what behavior your user-space would benefit from.

            In the commerce space, one popular use-case is to return Category matches based on what a user has started typing. Within Endeca, this boils down to doing a dimension search and having the Category dimension enabled for dimension search. If a user starts typing "cam", the type-ahead would then recommend:

            Category: Cameras

            You can match on multiple dimensions though, so long as they are enabled for dimension search. For example, if a user starts typing "ca", the type-ahead could return:

            Category: Cameras
            Brand: Canon

            Furthermore, this behavior can be extended by enabling Compound Dimension Search. Compound Dimension Search is enabled via a flag on the dgidx process and on your ENEQuery. It provides the following behavior. If a user searches for "canon cam", it would suggest:

            Category: Cameras + Brand: Canon

            Clicking on the type-ahead would return the intersection of Category = Cameras and Brand = Canon, eliminating a click if the user is after Canon brand Cameras.

            With regards to implementation, it basically boils down to an AJAX call to a service/URL that responds with dimension search results. Then populate an empty &lt;div&gt; with links.

            Other scenarios involve returning Product/Record matches instead of Dimension matches.

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              Thanks for this reply. Is there a way that I can contact you to discuss this in more detail and maybe you can help us (for a fee) with a similar implementation?