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    REP-1219 <object name> has no size - length or width is zero

      Hi Hussein,

      I often encounter this error every time I deploy my Oracle Reports from desktop to the linux EBS R12.
      Even if it is running fine at the desktop side.

      REP-1219 <object name> has no size - length or width is zero
      Error REP-1219 is usually caused when a report is designed as a bitmap, but 
      then is run under character mode.  The character cell boundary falls
      midway down the boilerplate object border.  Hence, when Reports tries to map 
      the object to a character cell, both the top and bottom of the object are 
      mapped to the top of the cell.  
      If you are using a standard report, convert the .rdf file to .rdf with 
      dunits=character.  For example:
         r25convm userid=apps/apps stype=rdffile source=whatever.rdf dtype=rdffile
         dunits=character dest=whatever.rdf overwrite=yes batch=yes
      My report is version 10g. What is the corresponding 10g command parameters for the above?

      Thanks a lot