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    Multi Data Source, Fail Over, Read-Only detected as unavailable

      We are using WLS with WebCenter Content (WCC) as the application.
      For the production back end, RAC will be be the production DB and we need to support failover to Data Guard.

      We set up a Multi Data Source (MDS) with the first simple Data Source pointing to RAC and the second Data Source pointing to Data Guard.

      Upon testing, this scenario basically works correctly: when RAC is shutdown and Data Guard enabled, the switch occurs and the app works against Data Guard. And conversely, when Data Guard is shut down and RAC brought up, MDS will revert to pointing to RAC and the app will work correctly.

      However the DBA insists, that the alternate Data Source should not need to be completely down but should be able to be in a read-only state and the MDS should detect that if it is in a read-only state, it will be counted as unavailable and try to use the alternate Data Source. This does not work with the default set up, I see in the logs that a connection can be made to the read-only DB instance which will not work at all with the app and is not what is desired by the customer.

      Is there a way to configure the MDS so that if a Data SOurce is only available as read-only, the alternate Data Source will be used?