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      Hi Guys !

      I have two servers:
      First Server: OVS 2.1.2 with OVM Manager 2.1.2 in the interface web, i have 10 virtual machines (all running) (ip=

      Second Server: OVS 3.0.3 with OVM Manager 3.0.3 in the interface web, i have 0 virtual machines (is recently installed) (ip=

      OK, now I need to migration of virtual machines of First Server to Second Server.

      Help me to do migration, please!


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          Try stopping all VMs on the first environment and copying all VM artifacts (.cfg files and .img files) from the old repository (if you are using NFS repository it is a little bit easyer. If not, the repository is mounted anyway on each OVS so you can access it that way) to the new. The new OVM should recognize copied artifacts.
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            I copy one VM (status: shutdown) path: /OVS/running_pool/MyVM (Server 1) to /RAID/VirtualMachines/MyVM (Server 2), but OVM interface no display nothing new VM. I reboot the server, but nothing...

            Any idea?

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              If you transfer a VM directly onto the new storage repository, you need to refresh the repository to have OVMM recognize the new files.
              This isn't the case, if you import the files using the regular procedure.

              If you search this forum, there has been a post describing how to transfer VMs easily from OVM 2.2.x to OVM 3.x.
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                Could you give me the post which contains this information?

                Thank you so much!
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                  This issue has been discussed here: [Move OVM 2.2 guests to 3.11 OVM|https://forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?messageID=10450656&#10450656]
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                    Yes, i found. Now i continue read info.

                    Thk! and HelpFul for you.