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    P6 - List of Undo functions

      Hi All,

      Primavera P6 EPPM R8.2 desktop interface provides Edit>Undo, but Undo is not always available.

      Can anyone provide a list of which functions are available for P6 desktop, and/or a list of which functions are not available for P6 desktop.

      With thanks,

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          I used to tell everyone that it generally only worked when in a table layout and would be lost when you went to another "module" (like from Activities to Projects). But 7.0 and then 8.2 have increased its memory and flexibility.

          From their documentation:

          The following actions will clear the Undo history in P6 Professional:

          Summarizing data
          Updating Progress
          Applying actuals
          Refreshing data
          Creating projects
          Opening and closing projects
          Changing portfolios
          Opening the Project Portfolios, User Preferences, and Admin Preferences dialog boxes
          Opening the OBS, User Defined Fields, Resource Codes, Project Codes, and Activity Codes dialog boxes
          Exiting the application

          You can only undo modifications in the General, Status, Resources, and Relationships tabs of Activity Details.
          Scheduling, leveling, making layout changes, and opening a new layout do not clear the Undo history.
          You can only undo activity code value assignments that were assigned using the columns in the Activities window. Code values that are assigned and/or removed from the Codes tab cannot be undone.
          If you delete a resource and use Undo to restore it, you must reassign the resource to any previous project issues, risks, and expenses. Also, you must reassign the primary flag for the restored resource to its activity assignments.

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            Hi ITPM and Others,

            Thanks ITPM (again) for your reply to me on this forum. Your answer is both timely and informative.

            Much appreciated,