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    ***IMPORTANT*** Why/When/Architecture/Usage/Critical Quests of Oracle NoSQL


      We are very new to Oracle NoSQL and we need to know more information to get started in the right direction. Can you please answer the below queries? Appreciate your response -

      1. Why to use Oracle NoSQL when there is Oracle RDBMS, Oracle RAC, MongoDB, MySQL already available?

      This is the most expected question from our business vendors if we propose them a new line of database Oracle NoSQL. We are not able to get the convincing answer from Oracle NoSQL Admin, Getting Started or Quick start guide.

      2. When to use Oracle NoSQL. How to include the usage of Oracle NoSQL in our existing application which is already using other databases.

      What if we want to rewrite some of the existing components of our application to use Oracle NoSQL. Can you highlight us some of the main scenarios Oracle NoSQL is intended to be used by Oracle. Mobile applications, Web applications, BPEL applications etc.

      3. Examples of applications already buiilt or in-development using Oracle NoSQL.

      Can anyone please let me know some of the examples of applications which is using Oracle NoSQL which will enable us using Oracle NoSQL in right direction.

      4. Architecture of Oracle NoSQL? I know similar architecture diagram is available in the documentation. I want to know if there is any other self explanatory architecture available?

      5. Our client has asked one more critical question - Oracle NoSQL replicates the data to all the storage nodes (physical servers). What if 100GB of data is to be replicated among servers of variable memory configuration (Server/Storage Node A: 110GB, Server/Storage Node B: 50GB, Server/Storage Node C: 75GB). How will Oracle NoSQL handles this scenario? Do we need to have same configuration servers where data can be replicated?

      6. What if we need to feed some setup data to the database initially for our application. How to feed those data initially? Do we need to write custom utility everytime to feed these setup data everytime for each application?

      7. How better Oracle NoSQL is from MySQL High Availability/Clustered solution?

      8. Future releases/improvements of Oracle NoSQL. Does future releases will have capability to push/pull data from existing Oracle RDBMS, plugins for BI reporting tools such as SAP BO, Crystal Reports, Oracle Discoverer.

      Appreciate your quick response in this urgent discussion matter.