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    Invalid Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) location

      Dear Gurus,

      We are installing Oracle 11g R2 on AIX 6.1. The underlying cluster is Symantec Storage Foundation (SFRAC 6.0 RP1). When the installer reached the step of specifying OCR location. We specify it as a Cluster Filesystem and External redundancy. On clicking next we face this error.

      [INS-41321] Invalid Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) location.

      Looking at the install Actions log i see the below information but no specific reason as to why it is failing. The mount point /ocr is shared and is accessible from both the nodes and both nodes can read/write to it from oracle user.

      FINEST: oracle.install.library.util.FileSystemInfo:The free space of /ocr location is: 2660
      FINEST: oracle.install.library.util.GenericValidation:The required space in MB is : 256 and the location /ocr has 2660 space
      SEVERE: [FATAL] [INS-41321] Invalid Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) location.
      CAUSE: The installer detects that the storage type of the location (/ocr/ocr_disk) is not supported for Oracle Cluster Registry.
      ACTION: Provide a supported storage location for the Oracle Cluster Registry.

      Please can anyone guide me on how to resolve this?