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    Siebel Repository Analyser

      Hi all,

      I hope you don't mind, but I wanted to make you all aware of a new piece of software that I have developed and now released.

      First things first, the software is completely free for you to use how you please. It's also in an 'alpha' build state and so you use it at your own risk!

      The Siebel Repository Analyser is a Windows based application that connects directly to your Siebel repository via SISNAPI. It currently runs on Windows XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Once connected, it offers a number of tools:


      * The 'Change Log' tool will query all repository objects and show you who last changed them and when. This is useful to track what objects change in a release and help with determining Workflow Process deployment requirements
      * The 'Problems' tool will attempt to identify configuration problems across all objects within the repository. Note this functionality is current disabled:
      - Use of 'Force Active' on fields based on a JOIN
      - Use of 'Link Spec' where no fields refer to the parent value
      - Use of 'Search Specification' where no appropriate index exists
      - Use of 'Sort Specification' where no appropriate index exists


      * The 'Line Count' tool will count the number of non-empty script lines across all relevant objects. It will also compare against a store of version specific script counts to show how much custom script you have written
      * The 'Search' tool allows you to search across all eScript in the system for a given search term. The results are listed by object type and one click will display the script and highlight the line containing the search term
      - The 'Problems' tool will attempt to identify coding problems across all script within the repository:
      - Use of 'return' in the finally() block
      - Non-destruction of object variables within a function definition
      - Lack of commenting within a function definition
      - Use of ForwardBackward instead of ForwardOnly

      What I really want is for the Siebel Community to help drive this application forward with suggestions on what additional checks and functionality would make the tool truly useful.

      If you are interested in trying it out and making suggestions, please head over to my blog for more information.



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          Hi Oli!

          Hope you had a great holiday!

          The new release of your tool sounds great!
          I read it on yours and Alex's blog already. Will have a look at it shortly.

          thanks for sharing your tools with the community! Just recently I came across an issue where your Siebel LogViewer came very handy to quickly identify a long running SQL on a mobile client!

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            Hi Benny!

            Great to hear that the Log Analyser is serving you well!

            If you get a chance to play with the Repository Analyser, do let me know your thoughts - especially with regards to what types of configuration and scripting problems it could help highlight.


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              Hey Oli,

              I can't comment on your website for some reason (it keeps complaining that I didn't enter the CAPTCHA, although there is none shown to me!) -> so I just leave you a few words here:

              - Search for certain keywords within all scripts is a great thing as you can't do it with direct SQL LIKE query (long column!) -> very valuable !!!
              - searching for script problems is a great idea, will post if I come across some worth mentioning

              issues encountered:
              - when clicking the little arrow in lower right corner next to the connection Icon, the tool seems to stay connected, but all buttons turn grey (not invokable) until you click the arrow again
              however after that, the next invoked action will always crash the application, no matter what I do.

              Thanks again