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    Tuxedo 11gR2 and Oracle Service Bus

      Windows platform (2008 r2)


      I am looking to call a number of web services on an Oracle Service Bus.

      Do I need to use SALT? If so, is there a license cost associated wth this?

      What other options do I have?

      Thanks in advance.

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          Bob Finan-Oracle
          SALT is an option not a requirement. It is a separate product and would entail a different license.

          Since you are using Oracle Service Bus already you might look into the Tuxedo Transport part of it:
          It uses the WebLogic Tuxedo Connector subsystem of WebLogic and does domain protocol
          communication with remote Tuxedo domains.

          Some of the options you have are described in "Oracle Tuxedo in a SOA world" whitepaper:

          Bob Finan
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            Thanks Bob

            In summary
            Create a domain on the OSB side and Tuxedo will treat it as another tuxedo application.
            OSB services can call Tuxedo services and vice versa.
            However, I can't call an OSB service directly from Tuxedo but need to have a proxy OSB service in between. Why is this?

            Where can I find an example of this?

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              Todd Little-Oracle

              That's the design of OSB. To call any service offered by OSB, you need to create a proxy service. Perhaps it should be called a proxy definition since you aren't really creating a service per se. The proxy tells OSB what the shape of the incoming message will be and how it will be called, but there is no real service. The request to the proxy service is simply routed/transformed/etc. via a pipeline to the final real business service.

              Todd Little
              Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect
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                Thanks Todd,

                I take it this applies the other way around too. I would need a proxy OSB service for a non tuxedo application calling a tuxedo service via the OSB too.

                Where can I find examples of these in action?

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                  Todd Little-Oracle
                  Hi MI,

                  Well the general usage of OSB involves creating service definitions as the services themselves (business services as they are called in OSB) are actually someplace else. OSB acts as an intelligent proxy for those services. So for the client side, i.e., the caller of the service, you define a proxy service that the client can then call using whatever transport was chosen. So if you need to have a web services (SOAP/HTTP) client call a service, you define a web services proxy. Likewise if you need a JMS client to call the service, you create a JMS based proxy service. On the server side, you then create a business service which tells OSB how to call the actual service. A pipeline is then defined that describes how the proxy service is connected to the business service. This "connection" may define payload transformations, synch to asynch mediation, routing, failover, etc. that need to occur. The pipeline also describes the reply path as well, so transformation, message enhancement, etc., can all occur on the service reply message.

                  There used to be examples that shipped with OSB, and I assume there are still some. The Tuxedo Transport ones may have been moved to OTN. Try searching this forum or the web for OSB Tuxedo Transport samples if you need them.

                  Todd Little
                  Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect
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