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    OC4J Plug-In Issue

      This may not be the proper forum for the plug-in and that's ok. I need to start somewhere.

      I am using the Oracle 10G opii.dll OC4J plug-in for IIS and my question is how to change case sensitivity while doing a post command from an upper case URL such as HTTP://WWW.DOMAIN.COM/B2B to a lower case URL such as http://www.domain.com/b2b. I have one customer who has an IBM mainframe and all of their requests will come in using upper case while my other customers are using lower case. I am testing using Firefox's Poster Tool. The machine I am testing with at this time is Microsoft Windows 7 Professional running IIS 7 with the IIS Rewrite Module. The rewrite tool can change case and does work outside using the OC4J plug-in. It is only when I use the link for the OC4J plug-in that it does not work. We are currently having our developers create a new context area within OC4J to help get around this, but that is an interim solution until I can fix the issue at the front end of the spectrum where the customers will actually come into our system. Any insight to changing the case would greatly be appreciated.