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    Add existing OVM servers to Ops Center 11g?

      We are turning an Ops Center 11g pilot project into production and we need help with our existing OVM Server for SPARC servers. We have a number of OVM 2.2 servers. When we discover them we don't see the VM asset showing in the "All Assets" list. Is there a way to discover the "Oracle VM Server for SPARC" asset that we can then add to virtual pools?

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          The Problem is that Ops Center can only handle the LDOM environments which were created via Ops Center. (Called "Greenfield" ) So I believe you have to rebuild your OVM Servers.

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            Is it true with OPS 12c ? Does OPS can manage LDOM created with CLI ?


            My Oracle support ask me, OPS 12c can discover guest on LDOM primary but, for me, that doesnt work




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              Try this......


              Also it shouldn't allow you to add such servers in an OVM Server for SPARC Server Pool.
              Here a filter is missing in Ops Center: such servers shouldn't be proposed in the list of assets that can be added to a Server Pool, instead of allowing you to try it and then see an error that can't be understood.

              To have a setup with servers that you will be able to add to Server Pools, and on which you will be able to create logical domains from Ops Center, you can either install these servers from Ops Center following the documentation at :
              http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E27363_01/doc.121/e27511/ftr_ovm_sparc_mgmt.htm#autoId11 "Installation of Oracle VM Server for SPARC"

              or you can install manually the LDoms Virtualization Controller agent on an already installed server.
              I think this is not documented for LDoms, the current documentation at http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E27363_01/doc.121/e27511/asset_mgmt.htm#autoId13 "Installing Agent Controllers From the Command Line" will install a Zone Virtualization Controller Agent.
              You should first uninstall the current Zone Virtualization Controller agent on your servers, running from the control domain :

              $ /var/scn/install/uninstall

              then I didn't do it yet manually on S11, I think it should be done as below if someone can confirm or provide the right procedure on S11. Otherwise I'm installing a s11 setup (with an MSR to sync that will take time) and could confirm tomorrow this manual procedure.
              It should be similar as in http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E27363_01/doc.121/e27511/asset_mgmt.htm#autoId13
              except that the zip to download at step 4 it the IPS zip : OpsCenterAgent.SolarisIPS*.zip
              then at step 7, you have to run "install -l -p <proxy IP address>" instead of "install -a"
              This step will expect that the S11 version configured on this server matches the version in the MSR you defined in Ops Center.
              and at step 10, before running the "agentadm configure..." command, you need to create a file providing network settings :
              create a file /opt/sun/n1gc/lib/virtualController.properties with the following content that you should adpat to your host (here for example on my host smt4-24, with IP address


              then proceed to the agentadm configure command as described at step 10.
              After this command has finished, you should have in Ops Center an OVM for SPARC with ldoms management capabilities, allowing you to add this asset to a Server Pool and create logical domains