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    Unable to view Content pane or playback buttons from play.exe

      After publishing Player files, I want to preview the Player output so I launched player.exe. It opens in Internet Explorer, and I can see and expand the modules and view the topic listing. However, I cannot see the Concept pages. All I get is a blank page. I also don't get the playback mode buttons, so I can't launch any topics. Double-clicking does not launch my default mode (Try It) either.

      When I tried viewing the same file from another computer, I can see them just fine, so I am pretty sure it's just my computer.

      Does anyone know what computer setting / internet explorer setting I need to change to be able to view the topics?

      As a side note, I am able to view UPK topics that are deployed on our server just fine. It's only when I try to launch the play.exe file locally on my machine.

      I'm using IE7.