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    IPM and BPEL solution namespace mapping

    VikrantKorde 1

      I am bit confused in how the BPEL Human task is mapped with AXF actions.
      I was thinking that the value of solution_namespace entry in AXF_ACTION_MENU table is mapped with either of the below possibilities..
      - This is looking into the name of the BPEL-> Human Task name.
      - This is the same name of the deployed composite.
      - This has a relation with axf_TaskAssignmentType

      When i checked the entry for "RequestInvoiceInformation" it is something else. All other Solution Name spaces are same as that of respective BPEL processes. But i couldn;t map how solution name space "RequestInvoiceInformation" is mapped. Please let me know how to trace this down. I still believe this has to have some relation with Human task.

      Atually i am trying to create a New BPEL process and wire it existing system. I want to create a new Solution name space.

      Thanks in advance.

      Vikrant Korde.
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          Abhinav Mittal
          Hi Vikrant

          There is actually no relation between the Human Task name and the Solution Namespace. You can actually keep one solution namespace and configure the whole solution.
          The only reason to create separate solution namespaces is to restrict the actions for a particular solution namespace.
          AXF_SOLUTION_PARAMETERS table is the key for all the entries. Whatever action your BPEL Human task comprise off, you need to include the command namespaces and outcomes for all those tasks.
          AXF_ACTIONS consists of those actions and their respective Command class.

          My advise would be to create the BPEL process with whatever functionality you are targeting at and then modify the Oracle scripts to add another Solution namespace.

          If you have any issues, please revert back.

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            Abhinav Mittal
            Hi Vikrant

            AXF_ACTION_MENU is used to define a new solution namespace, and the Menu Id is referred in the AXF_ACTIONS table to define the order in which they are displayed.

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              VikrantKorde 1
              Thanks Abhinav for the reply.
              You said it correctly, The tables we need to look into are
              AXF_ACTION_MENU --- this has entry for the solution name space
              AXF_SOLUTION_PARAMETERS --- this has the link to BPM views which actually has a relation to Human task.

              Amit told me about this in detail, the command name space as StartInvoiceProcessing, Startxxxxxxxxxxx are the actual entries which creates the link between IPM and BPEL. The entry with parameter key as "VIEW_LIST" has the BPM view entries. Each of these Views are created basis some Human task. And this actually creates the link between IPM and BPEL human task.

              As you mentioend, solution name spaces are to categorise the IPM actions.

              Vikrant Korde.